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Dear StreamSpace Community Member,

Jul 16, 2018 9:46:43 AM / by Robert Binning

Dear StreamSpace Community Member,

Thank you for being part of our community! We want to keep you abreast of what we’re up to across a variety of technical and business development fronts.

New Advisor!
StreamSpace is proud to introduce our newest advisor: 
Lionel Bouchard

Lionel is a software engineering pioneer and a thought leader in video streaming and mobile multimedia technologies. Before founding the mobile multimedia consulting company Ficana, Lionel was the Director of Mobile Streaming at Netflix where he oversaw all of Netflix’s mobile streaming efforts. Previously, Lionel was the System Engineering Director at Texas Instruments and Manager of Software Engineering at RealNetworks. Lionel led the MPEG-4 Systems research project involving the development of multimedia applications integrating audio, video and graphics (MPEG, VRML), streaming over the Internet. Lionel participated extensively in the ISO/MPEG-4 standardization committee via contributions in the definition of the system layers.

Technical Update

We use IPFS as our distributed file system combined with a trust based micropayment system between peers to create a distributed content delivery network. Users pay for every piece of a content they stream or download and also get paid for the content they send others. Unlike traditional blockchain micropayment solutions where users have to open a payment channel in the blockchain before sending a micropayment off-chain, StreamSpace is using a trust based micropayment system in which users send the requested resource to another party as long as they are whitelisted by StreamSpace and sending a micropayment. 
This micropayment is a payment confirmation which is stored offline and replaced every time that user receives a new micropayment from the same party that is valid and incremental. Each user has a list of payment confirmations. Each payment confirmation list is maintained for each user who receives and pays for the content. This list is maintained until the current billing period ends. A new list will be created for the next billing cycle. A user must post the last billing period list to our smart contract on the blockchain before the current billing period ends. At the end of the second billing cycle, they know how much they owed or earned. They have to pay before the third billing cycle ends or they will be blacklisted. 
The payment mechanism described above is only for paying the storage providers to stream the content; we anticipate that the total payment per gigabyte would be less than a cent. In addition to these transaction costs, the viewers will have to “purchase” the film separately and pay the content owner / royalty owners via our smart contract to get the digital rights to watch the content. If any of the paid or free content is sponsored by an ad, payment for streaming that content will be paid by the ad company. 
Ambassador Program

In April, StreamSpace launched its Filmmaker Ambassador program. Ambassadors are filmmakers that commit to work with StreamSpace to promote their independent film projects, eventually using the StreamSpace social media platforms and SVOD service to engage directly with their film viewer fans. StreamSpace supports the filmmakers by posting updates about the filmmakers and their projects on a variety of social media channels, by providing funding and festival information in support of new projects, and supporting trailers and access portals to stream the project film directly where possible.
To date, StreamSpace has engaged with 17 filmmakers or production companies:

  • Tyler French
  • Walker Hare
  • Synergistic Films
  • David Teixeira
  • Matthew Root
  • Sergi Rubio
  • Ashley Erin Campbell
  • Lex Lybrand
  • Kevin Doherty
  • Shannon Michelle
  • John Fallon
  • Betty Ouyang
  • Becki Dennis
  • Yixi Sun
  • Lio Mehiel
  • Scott Cavalheiro / Twisted Tie Films
  • Lisa Donato

We are excited to share updates from our Ambassadors through our social media channels, especially Twitter! For more information, see our Ambassador team page www.stream.space/team.

Token Listing Update

The StreamSpace token, StreamShares, has been listed for cryptocurrency/fiat pair trading on at least three exchanges: EtherDelta, Yobit, and Wandx. 
Please Note: StreamSpace is not engaged with nor recommends any third party trading platforms.

Robert Binning, CEO Ask Me Anything Event

On June 7, StreamSpace CEO Robert Binning hosted a Twitter AMA session to engage with our subscribers and other interested parties. The AMA transcript can be seen here: https://twitter.com/StreamSpaceInfo/status/1005155049050427393. Our next AMA will be July 20. In the meantime, please make sure to follow us on our social media channels and email us at info@stream.space with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Career Openings

StreamSpace is actively seeking skilled blockchain developers to help build our IPFS-based storage network platform and our streaming film marketplace. See our job listings athttps://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/streamspace-llc.

StreamSpace in the News

Our CEO Robert Binning was featured in Enterprise Security Magazinehttps://www.enterprisesecuritymag.com/vendor/article29/streamspacein a profile of the ten most significant new blockchain applications.

Robert Binning participated in the Spring 2018 Digital Hollywood panel on ICOs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Investing and its Impact on Entertainment, Advertising and Technology. David Bloom, the moderator for the panel, authored an article for Forbeshttps://www.forbes.com/sites/dbloom/2018/05/26/blockchain-investing-tips-media-entertainment-advertising/#747be9652f5dthat highlighted the key points from that panel.
StreamSpace has committed to be part of the Fall 2018 Digital Hollywood event in the Los Angeles area to be held October 16–18. Robert Binning will be a panelist, discussing Funding and Business Development in ICOs, Blockchain, AR/VR, AI and Immersion — From VCs to Kickstarter and Corporate Investments. Come join us at Digital Hollywood!

StreamSpace is a proud member of the Austin Blockchain Collective. The Austin Blockchain Collective is a consortium of companies who have banded together to support and promote businesses using blockchain technology in Austin. On July 12, Robert Binning presented the StreamSpace project at the Austin Blockchain Collective’s July Town Hall / Company Showcase. The Austin Blockchain Collective holds monthly meetups at the Capital Factory on the third Monday of every month. Come meet us at the next event on July 16! Registration is free at https://www.meetup.com/Austin-Blockchain-Collective-Meetup/.

Until Next Time,
The StreamSpace Team

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