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Announcing the new SWRM Coin

Aug 21, 2020 11:28:29 AM / by SWRM Labs


SWRM Labs, which recently launched its blockchain-powered CDN service, has migrated its previous StreamSpace SSH tokens to the new SWRM Coin.

All current StreamSpace token owners should now see the new token name and symbol in their wallets.

What did SWRM Labs do?

SWRM Labs changed the token name and symbol from SSH to SWRM Coin through Etherscan. The wallet address for all tokens remains the same, and all account transfer histories are also unchanged.

What do I need to do as a token owner?

Nothing. The new name should appear automatically in your wallet, and you should not have lost any tokens.

Where are the SWRM Coins traded?

The exchanges that previously handled StreamSpace SSH token pairs with major cryptocurrencies may decide to change the front end to show as SWRM Coins, but you can continue to trade using SSH. As we move towards commercial launch, SWRM Labs will begin to evaluate additional liquidity opportunities.

What if something has gone wrong? Who can I contact?

Send us an email at info@swrmlabs.io.

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Written by SWRM Labs