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SWRM Labs Update September 2020

Oct 2, 2020 12:11:50 PM / by SWRM Labs


SWRM Labs is improving the performance of the Hive decentralized storage network, and we are continuing to make progress on the testnet CDN service.


Community Update:

The Hive software is now running Version 1.0.16, with a number of new performance and stability enhancements.  We have eliminated the requirement to get an access code to join the Hive, so anyone can establish a new node and begin to earn SWRM tokens by sharing their spare storage and network resources.  The tokens you will earn are testnet tokens and will convert to tradeable tokens when we launch our mainnet service around the start of 2021.  Withdrawing tokens will become possible when we migrate to the mainnet, and all Hivers will be required to register their KYC information with us to be eligible to withdraw the tokens.

During the testnet period, new CDN customers will still be prompted to request access codes to use the beta testnet at no cost. 

SWRM Labs launched a new uptime performance incentive program to attract new Hivers.  See blog.swrmlabs.io for further details on the incentive program, scheduled to run for 12 months (Oct 2020 to Sept 2021).


Hive Network Update:

Production version 1.0.16 (October 2020)

Total number of nodes:  9 bootstrap nodes, 88 total Hiver peer node devices

Average number of active peer nodes:  15-16


Development update:

  • Auto start and auto update features now implemented for Windows and Mac environments.  There is a small delay (a few seconds) to clear RAM cache from the previous version before the new version becomes active.
  • Incentive bonus token accrual system designed and implemented.
  • Storage utilization enhancements enable more efficiency for low-popularity content, and higher replication levels for high-popularity content.
  • 1 MB block size now standardized for all content.
  • Optimized storage tracking for buckets, folders, and files in the customer admin app.
  • Hive software download server renamed to storage.swrmlabs.io.  This name will appear in user system information about the download source.
  • HTTP API optimizations for faster TTFB in QA review, scheduled to be implemented this week.
  • WebRTC JavaScript functionality enhancements underway.  WebRTC and broad JS support expected in 4Q20.


Marketing Update:

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