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SWRM Labs HIVE Restrictions Removed

Oct 2, 2020 12:26:59 PM / by SWRM Labs

SWRM Labs Hive Restrictions Removed



When SWRM Labs launched the testnet CDN service in August, 2020, we implemented access restrictions both for new applicants to become peers in the Hive, our decentralized storage network, and for potential customers who were invited to use our testnet for free.  Potential Hive peers and CDN customers were required to use an access code supplied by SWRM Labs to register on the network.


SWRM Labs announces that effective October 1, 2020, we have removed the access code requirements for Hive peers, allowing anyone around the world to register and earn tokens by sharing their excess storage and networking capacity.  Access codes are still required for potential customers.  Each potential customer application will be considered for applicability and potential for SWRM Labs.  Customers will still be able to use the CDN service for free during our testnet period, expected to run through the rest of 2020.


We encourage you to register to become a Hive peer with a desktop PC system or NAS, especially if you have more than 250 GB of free storage space available to share.  If you have a need to distribute content broadly, we encourage you to apply to become a SWRM Labs CDN customer.

Please visit https://swrmlabs.io for more information.

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Written by SWRM Labs

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