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SWRM Labs July 2020 Update

Aug 6, 2020 11:28:07 AM / by SWRM Labs


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SWRM Labs continues to make progress on its CDN development project, called the Hive.  We want to share our recent advances along several dimensions with you.


Beta testnet now online:

On July 15, we announced the launch of the SWRM Labs CDN and the Hive hybrid blockchain infrastructure network.  Visitors to our website swrmlabs.io can register to join either or both services.  Hivers earn tokens for all content served, and SWRM Labs is supporting early CDN users by making use of the beta testnet free.


Company name and contact information:

We announced our new corporate name.  StreamSpace is now SWRM Labs, and all our websites and social media pages have migrated from stream.space to swrmlabs.io.  This change reflects our evolving business model to broader applications built on our decentralized content distribution network (dCDN). 


You can reach us via email at info@swrmlabs.io.  Our corporate physical addresses in Austin and Bangalore remain the same, although we are all working from home for the foreseeable future.


Community Update:

We have improved our community support systems to better engage with you.  Please sign up for our newsletter at swrmlabs.io or follow us on any of our social media channels below.  


We invite our community to take part in the Hive Beta testnet by downloading our Hive desktop or CLI app and registering with us as a node.  Earn free tokens and help grow the ecosystem.  Sign up at https://hive.swrmlabs.io/.  


Token Update:

The StreamSpace SSH ERC-20 tokens can still be sold on any of the exchanges where they are listed, including WandX, Yobit, and more.  Over the coming weeks, we will migrate all SSH tokens to our new SWRM coin. We’ll have more to share soon, so stay tuned!


Hive Network Update:

  • Beta test version 1.0.0 (July 2020)
  • Total number of nodes:  7 bootstrap nodes, 80 total peer nodes
  • Average number of active peer nodes:  17


Development update:

  • Ongoing research on Hedera Consensus Service implementation.  Challenges with volume limits on Smart Contract service may delay our deployment plans.  Until resolved, SWRM Labs will stay with Ethereum token platform.
  • Bug identification and fixes in Hiver desktop app.
  • Large scale testing simulation underway to simulate 100s of nodes and 1000s of end users using Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Engine.  This will help us evaluate stress points as the network grows.


Marketing Update:



Operations Update:

  • SWRM Labs is interested in growing the number of nodes on the Hive network to about 1000 active nodes.  We have a survey for interested “Hivers” to register here.
  • CDN trial application available for companies willing to help us debug and test the network with their applications.  During the testnet period, there will not be a charge for use.  Apply to register here.

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