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SWRM Labs Update December 2020

Dec 28, 2020 9:15:00 AM / by SWRM Labs

SWRM Labs Year in Review and Update December 2020



When we entered 2020, we were finalizing our architecture for a blockchain microtransaction powered CDN and reviewing our UI/UX maps for the key functions on our desktop and web management apps.


Our development team consisted of eleven people, and we had just opened up our India Dev Center in a new shared office facility in Bangalore.


Team photo, December 2019




  • Established micropayment architecture.  Successfully tested with 445 byte size, generating 1 billion test microtransactions and posting to both MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases.  
  • Released desktop Electron app v. 0.2.0 and CLI v. 0.1.8 to team members, who began uploading sample video files and sharing hashes to simulate content demand. 
  • Like nearly every software-focused organization around the world, we closed all of our offices in March and began to operate completely remotely.  Those policies remain in effect as we prepare to begin 2021.


  • Released Hive desktop v.0.3.6 (June 2020), our last alpha-level code base, implementing auto-restart, “refer a friend” functionality, and two-factor authentication via OTP over SMS.  Micropayment settlement periods were trialed from one to three days, in preparation for the one week settlement periods planned with the commercial launch later in the year.
  • On the marketing front, we emerged from stealth mode in June, announcing our plans to launch the beta version of the Hive storage network and the CDN, and we asked our community to apply to become edge peers.  We also explained the economics of providing cache storage as a peer node.



  • StreamSpace became SWRM Labs, and we began to publicly discuss the progress we are making on the Hive, our new decentralized content storage and delivery network.  The new company name accompanies a new logo, new team email addresses and website, and a new name for the StreamShare tokens - SWRM Coins.  The wallet address is unchanged, and token holders should have simply seen the new token name in their existing wallets.  
  • Our soft launch in July required all non-employees to apply and be approved to join the Hive. 
  • We released our developer toolkit at https://developer.swrmlabs.io/  with support for six common languages: JavaScript, GoLang, Java, Python, C#, and C++.
  • Tested and implemented 1 MB block size for content shards, instead of 256 KB.  The larger block size speeds up file transfers for very large files, over 1 GB.  Test results of video streams show slight increases in delays, about 0.2 sec.  For customer applications that require more emphasis on TTFB, we can support the smaller block size.
  • SWRM Labs launched its new customer support system through https://support.swrmlabs.io.  
  • Our (virtual) India Development Center increased staff to 16.
  • The Hive grew to consist of 9 bootstrap nodes and 88 edge peers.  We released Hive software v.1.0.16, which included an automatic update and restart feature.  Users should still check the status of their peers upon system reboot.
  • SWRM Labs began to pay tokens to all peers.  The wallets are closed for external transfers, either token purchases or withdrawals, until we launch the mainnet, scheduled for early 1Q2021.



  • At the start of October, we removed the pre-approval requirement for external “Hiver” partners to contribute storage and network capacity.  Because the beta network was free to use, prospective CDN customers still have to apply, and we would work closely with customer IT managers to integrate our service into their applications.
  • To stimulate Hiver community interest and help build out our network capacity, SWRM Labs announced a new bonus token campaign, paying up to three tokens per day to all Hivers who meet specific criteria for storage and uptime.  The program is indexed to reduce payments by 25% each quarter, terminating after 30 Sep 2021.
  • Major functionality enhancements include support for web content and live streaming over WebRTC through our JS-IPFS implementation. 
  • The UX team created a new dashboard for CLI Hivers, available with the latest CLI Hive release:
  • We began weekly management review of DevOps functionality, highlighting our work on load balancing across the major bootstrap server cloud environments, Google GCP, OVH, and Dedipath.  The DevOps team implemented a new dashboard based on Grafana and Prometheus tools.
  • SWRM Labs added six new interns, closing out the year with 26 employees across India and the USA.
  • The Hive has continued to grow, now with 10 bootstrap nodes and 196 Hiver edge peer nodes.

In December, the SWRM Labs network continued to grow the number of Hivers (up 10% this month to 53) and the number of edge peer servers (up 7% to 196).  Total system capacity decreased by 21% (from 3.7 to 3.0 TB) as one large server went offline and we added several servers with 500GB-1TB capacity.  The total volume of stored content increased by 51% to 489 GB, for a utilization level of 17%.


Community Update:

December 2020 features the introduction of Hive Version 1.0.20, addressing stability issues seen with the previous version and reducing the code footprint.  


Hive Network Update:

Production version 1.0.20 (December 2020)

Number of Hivers:  53

Total number of nodes:  10 bootstrap nodes, 196 total Hiver edge peer node devices

Average number of active peer nodes:  13-18

Total allocated storage capacity:  2954 GB

Total used storage:  489 GB


December 2020 Development update:

  • Wallet Phase I development complete, currently in QA.  Key functionalities include Withdraw Cloud Function, Withdraw Monitor, and Bookkeeping functions Signup Bonus, Daily Incentive, and Withdraw.
  • Wallet Phase II functionality includes Deposit, Credit Card billing, and split payments functions.  Architecture is complete, and development is in progress.
  • New “Medium Client” software development released to QA.  This will provide support for customers who already have the desktop download client and want to integrate the SWRM Labs downloader.  The medium Client supports commands to initialize, start, pause, resume, stop, and cancel download processes, query progress, and provide statistics on download performance.
  • CDN Customer Web App 1.0.0 released to Internal Prod.  Key modules:  Organization members/rights, File management and archival, Hash generation, Wallet status, Billing (cleared through SWRM Labs admin).


Marketing Update:


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