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SWRM Labs Update November 2020

Dec 1, 2020 9:29:57 AM / by SWRM Labs

SWRM Labs Update November 2020

In the past 30 days, the SWRM Labs network has grown by 26% in capacity and more than 100% in total GB stored content.

Community Update:

November 2020 featured the introduction of Hive Version 1.0.19, a significant advance with support for JS-IPFS. Peer nodes which support this version can act as Service Worker Gateways to the core IPFS backbone network, routing content to end users through their browsers. This expands the potential served market to almost any web content and makes the SWRM Labs solution appropriate for a wide range of traditional streaming projects, not just blockchain-specific ones. The JS-IPFS functionality also enables SWRM Labs to support WebRTC real-time streaming applications.

Hive Network Update:

Production version 1.0.19 (November 2020)

Number of Hivers: 48

Total number of nodes: 10 bootstrap nodes, 183 total Hiver peer node devices

Average number of active peer nodes: 15-20

Total allocated storage capacity: 3730 GB

Total used storage: 324 GB

Development update:

  • Wallet Phase I development complete, currently in QA. Key functionalities include Withdraw Cloud Function, Withdraw Monitor, and Bookkeeping functions Signup Bonus, Daily Incentive, and Withdraw.
  • Wallet Phase II functionality includes Deposit, Credit Card billing, and split payments functions. Architecture is complete, and development is in progress.
  • New “Medium Client” software development released to QA. This will provide support for customers who already have the desktop download client and want to integrate the SWRM Labs downloader. The medium Client supports commands to initialize, start, pause, resume, stop, and cancel download processes, query progress, and provide statistics on download performance.
  • CDN Customer Web App 1.0.0 released to Internal Prod. Key modules: Organization members/rights, File management and archival, Hash generation, Wallet status, Billing (cleared through SWRM Labs admin)

Marketing Update:

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