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SWRM Labs Update October 2020

Nov 3, 2020 9:12:20 AM / by SWRM Labs

SWRM Labs Update October 2020

October 2020 saw a major update to the Hive software, continuing our emphasis on a stable user experience and improving latency issues.

Community Update:

The Hive software is now running Version 1.0.18, with significant improvements to the auto-update feature and integrated notification alerts. Unlike some other blockchain storage and CDN competitors, SWRM Labs supports a CLI interface as well as a desktop app for Linux, Windows, or Mac environments.

Hive Network Update:

Production version 1.0.18 (October 2020)

Total number of nodes: 10 bootstrap nodes, 144 total Hiver peer node devices

Average number of active peer nodes: 20-24

Total allocated storage capacity: 2951 GB

Total used storage: 144 GB

Development update:

  • Hash generation module enhancements redirect to different available bootstraps in the event of any failure in hash generation, verifies daemon status, and checks for adequate (2x) storage capacity. Any failures result in file shards being processed separately in specified intervals.
  • Successful implementation of bonus incentive system with notifications published to every node that receives a bonus daily.
  • Planning for Cold wallet, Hot wallet, Bonus wallet and Earning wallet Integration to Hive and CDN.
  • Architecture and design for the billing module underway. Support for credit card payment or corporate interbank funds transfer with manual status control by SWRM Labs.
  • WebRTC and JS-IPFS functionality enhancements continue.

Marketing Update:

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